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This recipe sounds delicious. Let me try this one today. Gotta go. Have to look for the recipes.


i love chicken recipes..this one looks really good..


that looks good, but too many ingredients and wow! long time to prepare. Think I'll stick with the Bisquik and my rolled out dough. If you add the cooked chicken stock to the Bisquick instead of water it's delicious. Also, add some "chicken base" while chicken is boiling.


That looks delicious! Unfortunately it is in the high 80's now in NY.

I'm not fazed (or surprised) by the long prep time considering the style of dish.

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oh my! this looks good and want more and more on this! wish i could eat right now, this makes me feel so hungry.


Grant ~ Chicken and tarragon is a perfect combination. This is a beautiful soup and dumpling recipe. Your presentation is charming, as always.


I made this and it was worth all the effort. amazing! thanks!

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I love non veg stuff all the time.Your pictures are making me crazy to eat something non veg.Chicken is always my favorite than other non veg foods.

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Pretty! This was a really wonderful post..Thanks once again for the push!

Jan P

I made this and it was the best chicken and dumplings ever! Highly recommend it

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This is now my favorite chicken recipe! It is so easy to make, and is absolutely delicious!!! Make sure you prepare twice as much, because you will not be able to stop eating it! Also - keep the napkins close by as it is a meal that you will really get in to!

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Found your site via the carmelized fennel soup. Great recipes and photos- inspires me to try to do more on my blog- check out the dining solo- it can be allright!
Thanks- Wendy

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Using dark meat chicken gives the stew much more flavor and the texture of the dark meat just seems to stand up better to the slow braise.


I make a lot of messy dishes. This is a recipe I need to try.

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