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You had me at pork shoulder... ;)


OMG this looks fantastic! Perfect for a cold winter evening.


Glad to see you back! Omigod, this looks amazing and I will most definitely make this.


Yay! I am so happy you are posting here and there. I have been enjoying your blog for years and now (finally!) I live in California where the ingredients are AMAZING so I am cooking, cooking, cooking and I just love your style, Mister.
Thank you.
I made my first borscht Tuesday so I am skipping the goulash today in favor of new flavor genres but I am a fan of the loshy ghoul.
It's cold in San Francisco today so I am going to roast a chicken methinks which is why I popped over here. I just had to comment and say hello and thank you. I like to cook with you.

Deborah Dowd

This looks amazing- perfect for a rainy Sunday watching the Redskins!


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WOW!!! All i can say is THIS IS SO YUMMMYYYYY!!! Woah! Delicious!!! ^_^


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Thanks- Wendy

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Looks delicious!

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