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Nick barrington

great to see you back, your blog is amazing.


Yeah! Glad you're back; I enjoy your cooking. As a native South Carolinian, couldn't help but pick up on the Columbia mention. South Carolina has the best barbecue. Vinegar, rather than mustard based in my favorite. Have you been to Mr. Friendly's yet?


I'm assuming your comments about Molly's new endeavor are tongue-in-cheek?


I will gladly volunteer to eat, if it helps. remember, I'm doing it for you.


welcome back!!

i look forward to reading your next recipes.. : )


Glad you're back, too. You were missed!


So happy you are back!


hi grant! glad to see you're back. your table setting looks lovely - simple elegance. i totally know what you mean about blog burden. if you ever need an extra hand at one of your parties i will happily volunteer!


Yay! I kept checking, but was afraid to hope... :)


Thanks for coming back to us! You are a favorite in "My Favorites" and have become my trusted source for elegant, delicious meals. Can't wait for more posts!


oh my how can you ruin a fine lamb?

what a sad picture


Screw the camera, just post some more meals! I'm glad you're back, I've been checking back for updates for a long time now....


Your dry-rubbed steak with avocado and fresh tomato salsa helped me get by in your absence - welcome back!

Deborah Dowd

When blogging starts to feel like work,it is time for a break! Unless of course you are one of those bloggers who does it as a full time job! We will see you and your food when you are ready!

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Flour Mill

Found your site via the carmelized fennel soup. Great recipes and photos- inspires me to try to do more on my blog- check out the dining solo- it can be allright!
Thanks- Wendy

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I love your blog so much, and there are just some differences with others'. Hope there will be more wonderful things in your blog. Happy every day!

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