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OH SHIT. You know how I feel about kale and chickpeas.


the soup sounds delicious and i've loooove all those ingredients. your bread is so picture perfectly grilled!


all that matters is that I FINALLY get a mention on well fed. SCORE!

Caryl Wilkinson

can I replace the chickpeas with great northern beans-my favorite? As you know
I love soups. Caryl


Hey... I've been missing your posts! You ever replace that camera? I hope you come back soon!


Yum, looks delicious. I love the photos! Makes everything look so appetizing. I will be looking to see more of the delicious at your blog because I can very much relate to those yummy pictures.


Come baaaaaaack, Weeeellll Feeeeeddddddd!


i hope this isnt bad on your post, but i LOVE kathy griffin. i have seen her live 4x. i bought my tix for her october show in chicago. i do not have cable tv but i bought the life on the D list first season. no others are available. whats up with that?! i also love your blog, although i dont comment


We miss youuuu!


I LOVE your website! You have beautiful photographs and a fantastic collection of recipes. Your anecdotes are a pleasure to read, and I admire how you credit the chefs who created the dishes. (Many food bloggers do not!)

You have truly outstanding taste and elegance.

Josh Patel

Some great yummy recipes...looking forward to some more. Just stumbled and submitted your site to http://Viralogy.com. Hope you get some great traffic from it. Your blog is here http://www.viralogy.com/blogs/my/12491


i dont see your new post since april. hope you are alright.


A soup like this is known as caldo gallego in Spanish countries. It's one of my favorites.

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I admire how you credit the chefs who created the dishes. Many food bloggers do not

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I enjoyed this post Abhishek. It was certainly creative and not what I was expecting when I clicked on the title – a title I might add, which is quite good. I know I had to find out what ways ‘guaranteed’ I could grow my list.


I love this soup so much! I sometimes add small purple or red potatoes.

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yeah truly a great site.I really enjoyed my visit.

Flour Mill

Found your site via the carmelized fennel soup. Great recipes and photos- inspires me to try to do more on my blog- check out the dining solo- it can be allright!
Thanks- Wendy

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