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That looks really good. And I love the noodles. Actually makes me crave Beef Stroganoff before the weather gets to warm. I haven't made oven roasted tomatoes in years but they're a terrific addition to a sandwich as well.


you've just blown my mind. again.

those tomatoes are cute!!

the name Dee Dee is cute!!

Glazes and Braises are cute!!


I've been waiting for you to post this one. glad it turned out so beautifully.


I make tomatoes like that often -- they're good in a pasta dish as well, or even in a salad. Although I don't think I've done it with canned ones before. I usually just do it with roma tomatoes that are kind of tasteless otherwise (like, out of season).

Dawn Smith

Brilliant photo story..Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures...it looks delicious...must try recipe..uphere in U.S. i always have a hard time trying to find ingredients..one of my friend introduced me to a great resource www.myethnicworld.com and i thought that i pass great along as well.


This looks so good, I just forwarded it to my husband saying that I'd love for him to make this dish some time! :D


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thank you!


I'm now officially in love with you. Or at least with your blog. In a pinch, I'd happily settle for your cooking. Six-degrees of separation: My partner used to work at the bagel shop in Ithaca, too. She quit after one too many drunken frat-boys shoplifting at 2am after the bars closed. Ah, the bad old days.


How much red wine? It's mentioned in the title and directions but missing in the ingredient list.

napa red wine

What a wonderful pairing with a full-bodied Napa red wine!

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Like your article very much!!!
Keep it up..


you forgot to add red wine to the ingredient list.
looks like a great recipe, i'm going to try it on my family tomorrow. i'll leave out a few things since i don't have them on hand, and use kalamata olives instead (no nicoise here in sweden apparently), hope it turns out good. i especially like the marinating step--all dry so no paper towels needed i hope next morning.

Braised beef

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Tomorrow is another day , should have new features.


I'm browning my beef now and noticed and wondering how much RED WINE???
Looks wonderful!


I just made and eating this yummy stew now. Very delicious :))
I used about 1/3 of a bottle of Tempranillo(red wine).

I'm very happy that I found your site. Thank you

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