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That looks absolutely delicious.


I think that lighting in your new house is not doing any justice to the pictures.

The pictures look a little light.

The recipe is tempting.


Looks delish! This is my first time to your blog, it is lovely, I will be back!


you never cease to amaze me.

also, "it's not secret i love braising." ha!


Delicious! I've done a version or two of this as well. Never marinating though. I will have to give this recipe a try.


I made this last night for just myself as I am home alone. Going to enjoy it all weekend. It's wonderful!


After reading the entire story of this yummy recipe, my stomach ached because of hunger. I immediately look for food that resembles like this one (by the way, how will you pronounce the name?.

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You've inspired me.. Thanks for describing in steps.. Gonna try it..

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Thank you for explaining the procedure step by step. I love cooking and this dish is looking very delicious. I can't wait more for it. I am going to market for buying things..

Coq Au Vin

I never tasted such preparation.....

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Well, it looks so tasty, for matter of fact, it totally reminds me one of the best recipes that are made in one of the best food trucks in New York, so I know it's sure good!

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Oh wow! I love chicken!! ^_^ Hmm yummy! Yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe..

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Found your site via the carmelized fennel soup. Great recipes and photos- inspires me to try to do more on my blog- check out the dining solo- it can be allright!
Thanks- Wendy

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I love cooking and this dish is looking very delicious. I can't wait more for it. I am going to market for buying things.


Thanks for sharing this recipe. These dish is looking really very delicious i like it so much.

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So mouthwatering!

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Thx for sharing.

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I love this recipe, and Its a very yummy. seems to be a great dish. Thanks for shearing this wonderful recipes here.


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