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This looks absolutely SINFUL! Which means I'd love it:). It's gorgeous.


We, too, decided that we're no longer doing pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving- too boring and just not that good. We're already planning to do a pumpkin cheesecake for next year and I'll definitely hold onto your recipe for reference.


Hey! We also made this exact recipe for Thanksgiving this year. I accidentally added only half the called for cream cheese, which left it with a consistency somewhere between pumpkin pie and cheesecake, but still very tasty. Next year, I will make it again, but the way its instructed.


That looks so good!


mmmh that looks positively delicious! i am in love with caramel, so thie is right up my alley! have never baked with pumpkin, though, strange as that may seem to you ;-)


Wow !!! this looks so delicious. I am so excited to try. Thanks for recipe and directions.

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In the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, cheesecake is typically made with a base of crushed biscuits and butter and topped with a fruit compote. The most common filling is a mixture of cream cheese, sugar and cream and it is not baked - gelatine may also be used to keep the filling firm.

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this looks terribly good as well. i just posted a pumpkin praline cheesecake recipe. please stop on by. i am off to look around your blog some more.

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