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the cabinets without colour look nice already..

you are so lucky to have such a nice kitchen!!

Amelia Bedelia

This is the perfect kitchen. You have made beautiful, meticulous and thoughtful choices. Bravo to infinity!


OOOOOOOO, I love all the appliances. I so want to get a new fridge that's easier to organize and counter depth. I would love one of those huge ones with a full-sized freezer on one side and the fridge on the other.

I like the idea of the cutlery rack in the dishwasher as well, what a great idea, plus you have much more room then on the bottom rack.

Good choices all around!


my sister-in-law has that silverware rack miele and loves it! you are going to have some HAPPY cooking and cleaning!


wow! what a dream kitchen. can't wait to see what kind of goodies you're going to turn out of that beautiful stove.


Wow! Congrats on a fancy new kitchen...looking forward to reading more recipes stored in and made on viking!
Elyse and RJ

French Laundry at Home

Looks absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!


Looks amazing. Curious to hear how your granite counter wears. My friend has black soapstone in her kitchen and it looks fabulous and she loves it. Hadn't heard about the cuts issue... but who cuts much directly on the counter, unless it's chopping block material?

Deborah Dowd

You are so right on getting the higher end appliances! I have a Dacor range and I have never regretted it and I can't wait to replace all of my appliances with the higher-end models. For someone who cooks and loves cooking it is an investment not an expense!

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