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looks like an involved recipe. had my first, second, and third in New Orleans a few years ago. can't recall whether i loved it or not. but, there's something about having a drink at a bar in NO.


Congratulations! Your new house looks awesome. Now, get cooking! (simulated whip snap sound)


congrats again! can't wait to see the place.


Congratulations!! How exciting. Maybe you could get one of those rolling kitchen islands from IKEA and use it in your kitchen eating area? It'll give you the extra counter space, and if you add a few stools, a great place to eat breakfast...


Got no Pimms?

I've not tried this, so I'm unsure how well it works, but Wikipedia offers the following DIY solution if you don't have any Pimms No 1 in your cupboard:

"Bartenders who wish to make a Pimm's Cup without its main ingredient usually mix one part gin with one part red Vermouth and 1/2 part to 1 part of triple sec or Orange Curacao."

Denise Genova

CONGRATS on the new house!!!
Thank you for such an awesome site...I am such a hit when I use your recipes.
Can't wait to see what the formal dining room recipes are...guess that means I have to get a house now too...have done so well with the no dining table recipes ; )
All the best!


Congratulations! The house is gorgeous!

Your Pimm's Cup recipe looks really good, but I'm pretty lazy, so it may take awhile for me to try anything other than my standard one part Pimm's + two parts sparkling French lemonade.


congratulations! It looks so charming. I love older homes. Ours if from 1926 and it's got a lot of quirks, but we love it.


congratulations on your new place too! and it's a house so double congratulations. :) i can just imagine all the great entertaining you will do there. your place is adorable.


I'll add my congrats to the chorus of voices here. Looks like a lovely home!


Another congrats on your home purchase! It looks amazing...particularly that backyard!


congrats !!!

you would very much enjoy decorating your new house!! : )

thanks for pimm's info - thats is very informative to a dummie like me.

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Kim Lukasik

Thanks for this wonderful site, I can't say that I am cooking, but I love all the
photos that you put on your site. Congratulation for the house.
I recommended your blog site to many friends that love it.
Don't ever stop, regards Kim Lukasik


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Lawrence Cooks

That open space you've shown looks ideal for an awesome kitchen! I wonder how your kitchen looks like after you've done the remodeling. Oh, speaking of remodeling, I really hope I can do some for my kitchen in our Minneapolis, MN crib. One more thing: thanks for the recipe!

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Now it's huge, and sits outside on the back porch. We've warned the boys about it, and I make a point of collecting the fallen leavesadfs and dumping them in the compost pile (composting will break down the toxins -- I checked), but it still makes me twitchy.

Richelle Jelsma

Wow! Your home is impressive. The house's ambiance is so cozy and relaxing. Did you purchase it using home loans or mortgages? I'd like to know 'cause I'm planning to purchase a great house like yours.

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