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If I can get a drink with cucumbers in it past my husband, I'll try this one. It really looks like quite a refreshing drink to have on a hot day. And we have some of those coming up this weekend!


I'm making these for the ANTM finale tonight. My mouth was watering as I read the recipe. I'm also going to add a sliver or two of habanero. I'll report back.


Well these were a huge hit last night. Every single person who had one used the same word - "refreshing." Cucumber is magic. I added a bit of habanero to the puree, but not enough. There was no heat at all. Next time...

Thanks for this!

wine blog

Great looking cocktail! Looks refreshing and almost healthy! I love cucumber don't you! I like a few slices in ice water sometimes.

Deborah Dowd

Thanks for the tip about Food and Wine. I have to admit I overlook it in favor of the other two "big guys"! Tequila is a liquor I don't stock in my liquor cabinet, but maybe this cocktail is a reason to get some!


OK, enough with the tantalizing photos of cocktails! You are making me drool. I am a nursing mother here and trying to limit the alcoholic beverages, but you are not making it easy. Have a heart.

Seriously though, I'll stash these away for the future. I love unique drinks, and your last couple have looked quite tasty.


I have a girls night every week, with my oldest and best gal pals. I always cook, but these girls are getting downright jaded! ;)
I now know what I will do this week to knock their socks off! Gorgeous photos and creative drink, yum!


Grant ~ Even though it is far from summer here in New Zealand, I'm hankering for this Sueno. In fact, I think I'll make it as the cocktail for a friend's upcoming party. Sounds like a dream, fitting given its name.

To speak to your comments on food magazines, I agree with your perceptions, but I do enjoy the more profound aspects of Gourmet, particularly the connection of food and politics that it explores. I think all three magazines vie for various audiences (though foodie probably subscribe to all three!), and I would not consider Food & Wine second tier at all.


ok I am sold I am going to have to go order a Food and Wine subscription


Damn! I can't believe I just discovered you..you are fabulous- best food blog i've found in a while. You are so witty and recipes look fab!


These were great. I had to cut the tequila back a little, but that may have been because all I had was gold and it was a little rough. It was delicious, interesting, and very refreshing. Thanks for sharing!

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This one looks really refreshing!


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I had the world's best drink at Jackie's on Prairie in Evanston, Illinois. Called El Hombre, it was a mix of cucumber juice, lime and tequila and served in a margarita glass with salt and crushed dried hot peppers on the rim. Best drink I ever had! Wish I knew the proportions, but I plan to experiment at home.

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