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Sam Aliie@ margarita maker

I'll try this one this Holidays for my friends and family. Looks so yummy! Thank you.

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It sounds a bit Christmasy but actually the spices end up blending in a way so that none of them stands out, creating sort of a spicy warmth that works really well with the tart grapefruit juice. For a little pre-Cinco de Mayo dinner thing with Mark and Annie this past Saturday, I combined these two ideas - the spiced simple syrup and the grilled grapefruit juice and the results were a great success. Taking a sip from her glass, Annie's eyes widened. "Oh, my," she purred. "I could drink a lot of these."

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margarita glasses

Margaritas are the only alcohol drinks that I think actually tastes good. I'll have to try it sometime.

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It's pretty much a given that they will be teeth-achingly sweet.

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My hubby and I made these last night and they were AWESOME! Thanks for posting the recipe!

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Margarita is my favorite drink and I don't hesitate to test it everytime I go in a bar.

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