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This is awesome. I LOVE grapefruit margaritas.


What a great idea! I will be making lots of these this summer!


That's a fantastic recipe. Are you using standard grapefruit or pink ones? Pink would be awesome too, in fact i'll try one at my bar on the weekend and see how the customers like it!


Just finished a batch of these. They were absolutely delicious. Can't wait to make them again. Thanks for sharing!


oh i love this idea! so clever and it looks magnificently refreshing :):)


A friend turned me on to this website, and boy, do I have to thank her for it! This is a great margarita - making the syrup yourself is easy, and makes all the difference. The grapefruit [I used Ruby Red] imparts a sweet/tart flavor that is light and refreshing, and the spices are subtle, definitely working with the smokey flavor of the grilled fruit. Very very tasty, and they did go down easy! Another winner, and like the Lemon Basil Gimlet, I'll definitely be making this again. Maybe for my Mexican Independence Day party? Hmmm... Now I just need to plan the rest of the party around this drink. He he he.


"Oh My God." That's what my family members said when I served these last night. My sister and I prepared an authentic Mexican dinner for our family -- a post Christmas present. Thank you for this recipe. By the time we were done, we were all laughing and then dancing in the living room. Now that I've discovered your blog, I look forward to trying more of your recipes. Do you take requests? I would love to know how to make the Celery Serrano margaritas served at Jade Bar in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Did you hear me? Grilled. Smokey and tart, I've been thinking about them ever since that night.

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While we were there we sat at a long wooden table and snacked on steak tartare, truffled French fries, and mini croque madames. And to drink?

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Next grill the grapefruits. Heat a cast iron grill pan over high heat for 10 minutes. Place the grapefruit halves in the pan cut side down and grill for 3 to 5 minutes. Using a spatula or a pair of tong remove the grapefruit halves from the pan and set aside while you grill the next batch. Note that some of the citrus will stick to the pan.

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Hmmm...It must be very delicious.This combination is looking too cool...Grapefruit with margarita forms a delicious recipe.


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I think its a pretty good idea not that there aren't other sites out there that already do something similar but I think it might catch on here pretty well.

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Are you using standard grapefruit or pink ones? Pink would be awesome too, in fact i'll try one at my bar on the weekend and see how the customers like it!

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Cool! Grapefruit in anything rocks.

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GRAPEFRUIT MARGARITA is really very tasty I like it so much I would like to serve
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