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Those shrimp tacos look really good! I like th large chunks of avocado.


I think the thing I love most about your blog is the fact that we have nearly identical taste in food. I want a plate of these tacos with a grapefruit margarita!


Those look fantastic!


Fish tacos are my absolute fave. I love doing different variations at home. Yours look great with those big chunks of avocado in them!


these look so yummy! just made some fish tacos the other day and wish i had made some shrimp ones as well!!


Grant ~ I love Rick Bayless' "Mexican Everyday." My partner cooked from it for virtually an entire Summer two years ago. Some of the best dishes we have made have come from this book. I love the sound of this dish and have been inspired by you to try it out. Wonderful!


I have this weird adversion to any type of taco except beef. And I lived in LA for 2 years. But your mise en place pix had me drooling!!!!


I tried this recipe but instead of using tortillas, I just piled it on top of some rice--only thing lying around the house. And it was really good. Next stop: Tortillas. Thanks!

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I'm craving some tacos right now. . .these shrimp tacos look so darn good!

I can just imagine the hit of flavour.


At the beach and planning on making this dish with some fresh shrimp!!


Made these twice now, they rock. If anyone's wondering, you really don't need salsa on the side. Also, I doubled the amount of sundried tomatoes.

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Usually, there's pork, sometimes shrimp, too, if it's handy. Then some carrot and celery matchsticks and chopped onion and garlic. I can never make mine taste like my mom's, though. I didn't pay enough attention when I was a kid.

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Shrimps are so delicious especially with bacon.

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Taco is my favorite food for past time. Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe.


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