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Wow! Vegetable stock. I've never made it before, but it seems like a good idea to me.

Chez Denise et Laudalino

This looks fantastic! I believe my freezer will be getting some of this, this weekend! Thanks!


That DOES look rich and tasty! I should make my own stock one of these days - thanks for the recommendation!


i kind of like the picture of the mixed vegetables before roasting...


Your stock does look nice and rich and good. Making your own stock is fun and tastes so much better. It adds that extra bit of flavour to whatever you use it in.


I really love your blog- the recipes look great (and I'm even a vegetarian.) I noticed you have the French Laundry Cookbook blog bookmarked, have you read that book "Julie and Julia?" I think you would enjoy it.

All the best, r


i am planning on making a vegetarian french onion soup and was going to use a store-bought vegetable broth... but not after reading this. This looks and, I am sure, tastes amazing. Thanks for posting this.


Sues is not Martha

I definitely need to try to make some of this. It looks sooo good and is obvi SO much better than store-bought!


ditto, this looks so good - I could drink it by the cup.


I laughed to myself when I read that you deem homemade stock as so good it's difficult to find an occasion to warrant using it. I am exactly the same. I have some beautiful stock made from my Christmas Turkey but, rather than 'waste it', I end up using knorr and just sleep happily knowing that my precious jelly is wrapped up safe in the freezer. So silly!


Dear friend,

I am the editor of a free Bulgarian magazine, called TRAFFIC where we post some recipes too.
I really like your recipes, especially the way you describe the process in photos, so if you agree, I would love to publish some recipes of yours, along with your website, of course.
If you agree, please get back to me and we can talk further.
Thank you,


me again!
I forgot to leave my email address:


After making this stock and straining and pressing the remaining veggies. I used an electric beater to pulverize the vegetables into a sort of chutney. Then I added about 1/2 cup of water and 1 1/2 pints of heavy whipping cream, and 3-4 tablespoons of seasalt and simmered until hot. This makes an incredible cream of vegetable soup!! try it out!!


Fabulous recipe! I am a homemade stock freak and have it in my freezer at all times. This is a much better recipe for vege stock than any that I've tried. I make my stocks in large quantities during slow times and freeze it in different size containers: .5C, 1C, 4C, etc. It is so superior to canned that if you get in the habit of using it you won't ever want to use the canned/boxed stuff again.

Isaac Boyles

I always just freeze mine in ice-cube trays that are specially set aside for stock. Once they freeze I put the cubes into a plastic bag and just use a few here, a few there in various things.


Oh dear... I'm the opposite of you. I make chicken stock at the drop of a hat. BIG huge vats of it. Which I then simmer down to a mason jar full of delicious glaze. And use at every possible opportunity! A teaspoon in my sauted greens, a bit in any meat dish I make, anywhere at all! It adds such depth of flavor to everything. Yet I have never once made a veggie stock. I'll have to give that a try this fall. Maybe using some of the veggies that come in my CSA basket that go just past their prime before I can use them.


Just found your site and love it. I am making a roasted veggie stock. Not quite so many veggies this time as I had planned to make a very basic stock (never made veggie stock before) to use in my brine for a turkey. Been looking through your recipes and wow, looks great. Your cream of mushroom soup will be next!! The blueberry pancakes with ricotta too!! Sounds divine!! Thank you!!

Nike Dunks

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Fantastic recipe! Just found it today, plan on making it tomorrow. I will split it with my vegetarian daughter. I, too, make stock from scratch. The first time I made chicken stock, I was surprised as hell that it was like jelly when it cooled. But the flavor of it in Orzo Risotto! Wow! I have 2 qt. jars in the freezer for dinner recipes maybe at Christmas, if these people are lucky! lol!

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