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This recipe is a LOT like one I have for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that uses a can of pumpkin puree, and they are similarly cakey and soft and also use cloves, etc., for that yummy autumnal flavor. They even look similar coming out of the oven. Obviously, though, the persimmon makes these way more exotic.


These are so good, thank you for sharing the recipe. As I didn't have crystallized ginger on hand I added a pinch of ground ginger to the dry ingredients and used raisins instead. They turned out perfectly, just right for fall.

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Muse Marya

Thanks! I have persimmons from my CSA that are very ripe and need to be used ASAP. Going to make this today!

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The other day I made some oatmeal cookies and, in defiance of the
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Now I have dried oatmeal stuck on the back of my teeth. I had not
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Toothbrushes are in vain. Toothpicks break.

Short of having to go down to the dentist and have him clean my teeth
with a chisel, how can I get the dried oatmeal gunk unstuck from my
teeth without also removing the enamel from same?

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