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Oh this just looks wonderful! I, too, have an aversion to those mysterious little rubber "nubbins" in canned cream of mushroom soup. I have never thought of trying to make "real" cream of mushroom soup and look forward to trying this one while my dear but picky daughter is away on a trip later this week and I get a chance to eat whatever I d*** well please! I love how quick this recipe seems too, a huge plus for a weeknight meal.


That creamy mushroom soup looks so good!


I love mushroom soup and just about any/all soups. This recipe is outstanding I've had it - made by my only and dearest son.

Sues is not Martha

Ahhh yay! I've been really obsessed with making soups and stews lately, and this looks sooo delicious! Thanks :)

Tempered Woman

Oh do I ever love Cream of Mushroom soup. Hubby and monkey can't stand mushrooms but this looks too good not to try. Pureeing may be my secret weapon me thinks.
I really love the idea of adding sherry. Makes perfect sense since I add it to my Cream of Tomato soup- duh!


I just made my list for the store... thank you for such yummy ideas!

Acai Optimum Ingredients

I just made this tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for this recipe. You can't beat how easy it is, plus it tastes great. Thanks again!

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