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that sounds AMAZING. I was thinking of you last night when I ordered the tagliatelle with oxtail ragu at mozza. it tasted like winter should - perfect for a cold, rainy LA night.


It's funny--I too am put off by so many cooking shows' unsaid purpose that the whole point is to get out of the kitchen.

Furthermore, I've realized in the last week that some of our favorite things that I've cooked lately were thrown together from items left in the fridge. If I only ever measured or timed these dishes, I could tell more people about them!

Paula from Only Cookware

I definitely need a tv show like this. I am definitely not a fan of left overs. I will eat it but not by choice. Thank goodness I have two dogs in the house.


I haven't tried this yet, but the ingredients are exactly right.

I agree also that the purpose is not to get out of the kitchen, but to have fun cooking - and cook great meals with the limited amount of time working people have.


i love pasta. your recipe is inspiring.. : )


~Out of all the pastas Pappardelle has to be one of my faves. This recipe looks great.


love this recipe, looks and sounds delicious. i always make extra too for next day options. short ribs are a fantastic idea. hated that show, recipes were so boring i thought!


Porcini pasta is one of the most used easy stand-bys in my repertoire. (But I use very warm, NOT hot water to reconstitute.) I don't monkey with it too much, but I might have to put my precious porcini (I always buy them in NYC and carry back) to work with this recipe. Plus my husband makes a mean Marcella H. ragù bolognese, so this would be the perfect melding of the two. Only problem is first getting those braised short rib leftovers...


Marissa - I'm sure the oxtail ragu at Mozza was better than this. Also when are we going back?

deb - I agree. I like being in the kitchen. So what meals did you make with your leftovers? I'm curious.

Paula - Truth be told I kind of don't care for leftovers either, however I loved this because it was so different from the original dish.

VJ - Do give it a try. It's almost better than the braised short ribs on their own. Almost.

riya - Oh thanks a lot.

Shayne - Pappardelle is fantastic. I also love tube pastas like rigatone and penne. So substantial.

aria - Yeah her show is sort of flat. I'm clearly not the audience for it.

Jess - I agree. I want to start using more porcini and that is good to know about the warm vs. hot water. I really need to explore Marcella's recipes. I've never tried them and have only heard fantastic things about them. Thanks for the recommendation!


I love this idea. They have something like it at 15 in echo park (have you been?) but I like your version better!


Elaine From Cookware Help

I sort of like the idea but I give mine to my dog


Looks great!

Kathy Schowe

I am so excited to find your blog... it is just amazing! Cannot wait to make this tonite with leftover short ribs!!! Thank YOU ! Kathy

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