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I need to experiment more with cardamom, I'm still not sure when it can be used, but this sounds fabulous. I love the idea of roasting the apples.


Yum! Roasting anything brings out it's flavor even more, and apples and cardamom play so well together. Great idea, and easy too!


What a nice twist to normal apple sauce. One to try with my roast pork on Wednesday :-)


Oooo, I will HAVE to try this! I love all things apple, and apple sauce is something I don't have all too often as the store bought stuff just doesn't come close to measuring up to home made.

I love how simple your recipe is. Last time I made apple sauce it involved boiling lots of water, and using a food mill that succeeded more in making a mess than in making apple sauce.

Natalie Sztern

need an answer when u say roast at what temperature?

Natalie Sztern

oh read it again and found it 425


Sorry you got so sick. Bummer.

The applesauce looks and sounds wonderful. I'll have to try it some time The idea of roasting the apples and using an unusual spice such as cardamom sounds really scrumptious!


im making this tomorrow! i have everything for it & am excited :) thank you!

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