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Isn't this dish amazing? I made it awhile ago and practically licked the plate clean. I think the leeks by themselves (with some good french bread and a couple of cheeses) would make a fine dinner with a bottle of wine!

Clare K.

Wowza. All I can say is this dish has everything I love - I've always been a sucker for chicken thighs. Will have to try this!


That. Looks. Amazing.

Can't wait to try it!


Love the muted, autumn colors of this dish. Fantastic recipe. Perfect to warm us up after all the snow we just got here in Montreal...


I used to do things the other way around. I'd look through cookery books for inspiration and then go to the market with recipes in mind. Of course, often times the star ingredient for the recipe would be underwhelming, not available, or would just not appeal. I try to pick up something completely different once a month and buy lots of it, so I can play around with it. Of course, one needs time in the kitchen for that, which I haven't had lately.

I, too, have picked up my Suzanne Goin cookery book a lot lately. I checked to see what she did with beluga lentils and then found myself going through the book as if I had never read it before. The book is more revealing the more one uses it. I hope it isn't too long before she follows up with another book of fabulous menus.

Have you been to LUCQUES? The food is so fresh and deceptively simple, but the recipes show how difficult/labour intensive some of the recipes can be - as we both know. Also, the recipes show how much thought has gone in to each step of the method in order to make the most of the ingredients. Did I already say how much I love this book? I'm glad you do, too.


i love goin's braised leeks! i haven't made the chicken part yet though. i'm so guilty of not opening up my lucques cookbook in like an eternity. but i can live vicariously through you posts! thanks!

Deborah Dowd

This looks a little involved for a weeknight dinner, but anything deviled always turns out great. Can't wait to give them a try!


yum. i am making this right now. i am so excited for it to be ready. i love the name of the dish - the last thing i made from the lucques book - brisket with horseradish cream and salsa verde was such a hit! i so love that restaurant...too bad it's not in new york!

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