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Yes! I totally agree with you about the book. I was so eager to buy it but it's a big let down.Her La Brea Breads book is my bible for bread baking, and her next latest sandwich cookbook has great recipes and is nicely designed -- what's the deal?

Seems like she's too smart and successful for gimmicks; probably just a bad choice on her part.

These crostini look fabulous, though. I want to eat one right now!

Deborah Dowd

These look really good, and I have tons of rosemary. We are having dinner guests tonight and I think I'll give this a try.

Karen Ke

Very late to comment, I know, but I couldn't help but defend Nancy's use of jarred onions in this context (i.e. fast meals from already prepped ingredients). Yes, you could pick up a whole onion while buying the zucchini, garlic etc., but the value of the jarred onions is that they are (1) peeled and (2)softened so that you can skip the peeling and parboiling steps. For timesaving, her use makes sense. I kind of like this cookbook, even though I'm pretty much a "from scratch" cook in general.

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And mom picking beans at our Ohio home and the two of us sitting around the kitchen table stringing them up for the winter. I don't remember how they taste but I remember the good times associated with them.

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