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Posts like this confirm the fact you are super freaking talented. YUM.


ok - confession. I don't usually like raw tomatoes. I think its a texture thing but these were amazing. I could have eaten the entire platter. thank you again for the lovely evening.


I love Caprese salads! Those yellow tomatoes are gorgeous! I just wrote a blog entry all about heirloom tomatoes at http://chewonthatblog.com/?p=221
- I wish I saw this before!


"insalata caprese" is my favourite, let alone the fact that i love tomato and basil to bits

never try it with "yellow" tomatoes though.

: )


I'm super disappointed to hear the sausages were hard and chewy. I live in Boston and so far have only ever gazed adoringly at the display cases while scarfing my Butcher Shop fix. I've been perfecting a sausage/cheese bread lately and was going to use some of their sausage for the Grand Unveiling. I'd better do a private trial run before the Unveiling, eh?! I wonder if cooking the sausage IN something (like a risotto or stew) would improve the chewiness as the sausage would absorb some moisture?

Patricia Scarpin

Insalatta caprese is fabulous already, and you've made it even better!

Deborah Dowd

This looks like such a wonderful light supper dish for these hot summer evenings!


a perfect whole tomato bruschetta. which, if i may say - no matter how many times it's done - is just perfection. i LOVE bruschetta with a passion. the above version to me would be absolute heaven. i WANT THIS NOW!!!

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Last weekend inspiration struck at a birthday party Mark and I had been invited to at a beautiful home in Hancock Park.

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Top each slice with several whole basil leaves (putting the basil down first prevents the bread from getting soggy), then slices of mozzarella, and finally slices of tomato. The number of slices you use depends on how big the toasts are.

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