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oh, yum--I'll be making these soon. Perhaps I'll try some "lemon basil" instead of regular...


They were amazing. The kind of drink you fall in love with someone over -- or barring that, wonder if you can drive home on so stay for another one. Really divine!


This cocktail is absolutely delicious! Personal suggestion: Don't skimp on the basil, because the syrup (and basil flavor) gets diluted with the other ingredients - I thought mine could have had a bit stronger basil flavor. Other than that, a perfect, refreshing cocktail. Make a big batch on a hot day and invite friends over. I'll be making this one again, soon. Cheers!


We used this recipe for our company holiday celebration and our guests loved it! They got all tipsy and happy, not sloppy, and no one reported a hangover! Thank you!

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That drink looks just perfect,


I can't wait for my basil to grow big enough to use in this beverage.


I rim my glasses with sugar and lemon peel and it adds just another layer of sweet and tart. Yummy!

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I just stumbled on your site and am blown away by your style and great ideas. I'm going to make these drinks for our summer reunion by the lake, and if no one else likes them...oh well! Prosit! Humboldt Babs

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