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This is really beautiful. I love salads, and your basic recipe is inspiring!

My basic salad recipe is green + fruit + cheese + nut. For example, arugula with figs, shaved parmesan and walnuts. Or heirloom lettuce with dried cherries, gorgonzola and candied pecans.

I am not adventurous with dressing: a drizzle of peppery Tuscan olive oil I brought back from Italy or roasted walnut oil, and a splash of thick 18-yr aged balsamic.

Whatever your foundation, we all need to eat more salads.


i am becoming your big fan.. i like reading your recipes. informative & loads of fun!

they are so much more than a recipe..

you should write your own cookbook.. you will do very well, really.

Deborah Dowd

Great blog and great recipe(I am going to try this the next really hot evening we have). I added you to my blogroll because I am impressed with your style and think my readers would enjoy your blog!

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