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Absolutely gorgeous. My mouth is watering!


I am a meat lover. Definitely,I will try this recipe... looks very yummmy.


omg you are making me drool right now. those steaks look fantastic. i love fresh tomato salsa with steak.


btw, the "salting technique" is quite educating.



It sounds delicious! I wanna eat it at BBQ.


This looks fantastic! I want invited to your BBQ's!


This sounds excellent in every way imaginable. I cannot wait to try it. Thanks for posting this!


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This looks amazing friend incredibly rich ... thanks for sharing the recipe ... today makes her ...

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This sounds excellent in every way imaginable. I cannot wait to try it. Thanks for posting this!

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thank you thank you thank you, that's all i can say :)
You make me happy :-)

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I really like that video. I'm now bemused that I can get ANY video clip from the game. That is really, really cool. I really love the song "You Are My Sanctuary" from bits from the beginning, and it's good to be able to hear it again and again.

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