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Mmm...these sound fantastic! Your guests were very lucky indeed. I have made stuffed grape leaves but it's been a long time. You're right, it's a bit labor-intensive, but worth it. I never tried blanching the leaves like you did here, just rinsing them. The filling in this recipe sounds fabulous, and I love the yogurt sauce you made to go with them.

New Jan Brady

Happy New Year, Grant!

This recipe is heavenly, and one of my resolutions for 2007 should now be to get invited to one of Grant's dinner parties!

I think I would die.


Holy Cow, I am seriously impressed with all that hard work. Your pan of dolmades all lined up looks so beautiful and neat! Lovely.


After read this superb entry, I had to try my hand in these dolmades.

I was never keen of traditional dolmades, I don't like how minced meat encased within vegetables or leaves tastes, but this meatless version is awesome!

The flavours and beauty of the finished dish are subtle, but lovely. Along the sauce is a marriage made in heaven.

Beautiful rendition, as usual.


Horseradish Sauce Recipe:
Ingredients: sour cream, grated onion, prepared horseradish, salt... view the recipe


it's not greek. it's a traditional turkish food. the word "dolma" means "filled" in turkish. actually greeks got the name of this recipe wrong. this is "sarma" which means "rolled" in turkish. this is definetaly turkish. actually the meatless version is made specially with olive oil and it is one of the most special dishes made in the cuisine of ottoman palace

Darrel Menthe

Just found this recipe and made it last weekend. I made a few minor substitutions (walnuts only and added zucchini). Fantastic. Thanks!

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