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i bet the sweetness of the potatos is so delicious with the chipotle flavor! yum, that plenty glamourous for me :)


I tried this recipe last night and my family loved it! In fact, I plan to post about it, maybe tomorrow, if you don't mind. I'm also going to take copies of the recipe to my Weight Watchers meeting on Monday night, since as far as I can tell, it's compatible with the Core Diet Plan, and yet so tasty and delicious.


I'm all about making the soups/stews these days, as it's FREEZING in SF. Do you think this would freeze well?

Looks delicious


Grant, this chili is freakin' awesome! I made it tonight and my house smells great. I'm glad it made as much as it did, because now I know what I'll be making again on Superbowl Sunday. The leftovers from today's batch have already been distributed to my neighbors and they're RAVING about it. Nice job -- and thanks for posting it!

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mmmmmmmmmmmm... it looks so god!! delicious!!! entiscing!! yummy!!!


I made this for dinner tonight, planning on making a big pot and having a bunch of leftovers, but my guests, who were really only there for the beer and cupcakes, smelled it cooking and robbed me of my week of dinner! Everyone enjoyed it, but now I'm going to have to make it again and hoard it for myself!


I tried this, was lovely and filling - real comfort food and I felt it was doing me good too! Thx


I made this tonight. Delicious. I feel like every dish I make is tomato and green pepper based. I was looking for something different but not bizzare--the sweet potatoes were perfect! And I loved the spice!

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Chicken is of my favorite foods, i always eat chicken with my family at home,i like to do your recipe, looks great.

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Thanks for sharing this recipe. By having the right balance of proteins, vegetables, and good carbohydrates, one may be able to enjoy good meals without sacrificing taste. Good post.


Having a hard time finding white sweet potatoes. Can I use yellow/orange or will the texture be off?

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This a great recipe and makes for a fabulous base for lots of varieties. As usual I made more than enough so I changed it up for night two by adding tumeric and serving it with chutney, golden currants and toasted pine nuts for Moroccan flair. I'm thinking next time of trying a Thai bent to it for night two.

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Makes a wonderful dinner for the whole family!

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wow, that sounds like a great recipe. I'll have to try that. I'm thinkin a little crushed red pepper might go good with this.

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It all looks so yummy! Thanks for the post and making me hungry! :-)

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cannot wait to try it thank you

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woo looks delicious

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