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omg that looks unbelievable. all the flavors together sounds so good. excuse me while i eat my monitor real quick. my husband is the same way about mushrooms!


Wow, this looks like a wonderful combination. I've actually been wanting to try the ricotta recipe out of Lucques, but this is such a good idea too - and much easier.

I can't think of anything I love more than meaty mushrooms and corn, so I'm making a mental note right now not to wait any longer before trying this combo.

And what a perfect dish for early fall!



I love risotto and I cook it regularly.

I notice that there is no instruction to continuously stir the risotto after each addition of liquid. Was this an oversight or have you just changed my life?

Risotto without all the stirring? Sounds too good to be true!


BTW: I meant to add, this sounds incredibly delicious.


Aria - Thank you so much. If your husband is on the fence about mushrooms, I think Chanterelles are a pretty good entry into the world of fungi. They are mild and the texture is very easy, if that makes sense. They can be quite expensive, so if you can, try to find them at a farmers' market.

Jessica - I too want to attempt the gnocchi but I haven't had the best luck with making my own pasta, so I'm slightly hesitant. One day I'll brave gnocchi. In the meantime this was a pretty good alternate.

Beth - Opps. Thanks for pointing that out. I've gone back and changed the instruction. You sort of do have to stir the risotto a lot. But I don't actually do it constantly. Sometimes I pause and refill my glass of wine.

Ari (Baking and Books)

This looks really tasty and I love how you included to many photos in your post. You're making me fee lazy!


Thanks for this recipe! I used the basics of it and it was SO GOOD. (Not your fault the maitaike mushroom I used made me sick. :) ) The recipe was great for a non-mushroom lover because the flavour is so amazing and the texture isn't at all icky like most mushrooms.


Hi Grant, I found your page off Immaeatchu's. We've worked together on a few catering things and love to eat/cook as well. This dish looks great, I'd love to try it out. Is this from the Lucques Supper book too? I should get a copy. My question is about the scallops, do u ever have the problem of watery scallops? When there's too much water in the pan, you won't get the nice sear. Even after i pat them dry, i sear them on high in a skillet, and don't get that nice crust like restaurants.


it needed just a 1/3 cup of parmiggiano into the risotto to finish it off.

also, I used corn stock made from the husks, water, scallions greens, celerey, thyme, bay leaf, s&p.

really good. thanks


if you are having problems with searing the scallops it is probably because you are using wet packed scallops. these are sold with an added chemical to keep them moist and are frozen at some point. dry packed are fresh and the chemical is not added. the dry packed scallops will sear the way you would expect them too, the wet packed will not sear on their own they need a dredging in flour to get the effect you are looking for.

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