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I also love love love butternut squash in just about any incarnation. Can't wait to pick up a few friendly gourds at the farmer's market tomorrow and give this recipe a try.

Also, your comment about southern cooking and particularly bowls of suspicious okra made me laugh. Much like the fear of lima beans I confessed to in your fava bean sandwich post, I have similar fears of okra--also born from grade school hot lunches in North Carolina. Just this past weekend, a friend encouraged me to try an okra dish at our favorite Indian restaurant, and by god, I think I'm recovered! Years of mid-life therapy averted over the course of a single dinner. I heart food.


This sounds so delicious. How far in advance, if at all, do you think I could make it? Could I make the dressing and roast the squash the night before and then just put all the ingredients together before I serve it?


This looks excellent, Grant. I am looking forward to fall and squash and fresh pumpkins!

Also, I hope you don't mind - I tagged you for the "Five Things to Eat Before You Die" meme that's going around. Ann tagged me and now you're it, if you're up for it.


EmmaC - Oh I'm glad you've conquered your okra issues. I especially enjoy okra in stewy dishes. The sticky juice (is it juice?) sort of seeps out and thickens it really nicely.

jgsearls - You could totally make this in advance. Although I would go ahead and add the dressing to the warm roasted squash, so it can soak up the flavors. It's fine served cold from the fridge although I prefer it room temperature. If you DO make it in advance, I would maybe wait to add the fresh herbs and the goat cheese right before serving.

faith - I am so excited about cool weather and all the flavors that go with it. Thank you so much for tagging me. I've been thinking about what my 5 foods are and will be posting soon.


Didn't know you hailed from Missouri...I don't, but there I am now.

This recipe looks like something I need to make and eat, for sure.

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