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I work with Mark and I'm sure he is sick of hearing me rave about how much I love your site. I recently started my own food blog, and though the quality is nowhere near that of yours, it is something that I aspire to.
Then Kerry came to work today telling me to check your blog and raving about the wonderful 4th of July meal. Oh, sweet jealousy.
Love the food. Love the photography.


As a southern boy I thought I was the expert on potatoe salad, but this recipe blew away my preconcieved notions about using sweet potatoes in such a dish. The textures, smell, and flavor combinations were out of this world.


This looks perfect for summer. Thanks.


What an inspiring site! I have tried a few of the recipes posted here and have had good results with all. I am so pleased to see that you have listed Living and Eating as one of your favorite cookbooks, it is one of mine as well- pretty much foolproof. Keep up the good work.


Hi, I was just telling a friend about this salad - I made it for our Christmas lunch last year - I am in Sydney so it is pretty warm. Sent her to have a look at your wonderful page. When I made it I used the orange sweet potatoes that we have here and it looked glorious - very festive. Quite inspiring, I am a new blogger but have been reading lots for ages now. Thanks for the great pages.

Corie Coe

I love this salad!! But, I have the fortune of living in Hawaii where sweet potatoes are red, purple, orange or yellow! I also love your site, please keep up the great and inspiring work!

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This is a wonderful recipe. Just tried it last weekend and everybody simply enjoyed it.

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