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You know how I was obsessed with Quinoa when I was eating those cakes every day. This looks divine. Yay Quinoa - oh and you're a genius.


i'm trying to eat healthier too! this looks delicious.

what does quinoa taste like by itself?? i made quinoa once and got turned off bc it came out kind of bitter. maybe it was the vege stock now that i look back.

Erin G.

Huh. I've been pronouncing it wrong -- Qwee-no-ah. (durr!) Thanks for the informative post.


Where do you find quinoa?


I've bought it at Whole Foods.


This looks so summery and perfect I could cry. Can't wait to make it.


hi grant!

in one of your older posts you mentioned a little shop called pink pistachio. where is this shop?? i tried to look up the address on the web and was unsuccessful. i like stationery. :)


To the person who said your quinoa came out "bitter":

It was probably because the quinoa still had the saponin covering the seed. If you buy bulk quinoa you need to rinse it several times in cold water to remove the saponin. This isn't necessary if you buy quinoa prepackaged (in a box).


hi grant,

i got a tip for the chile de arbols - store them in the fridge. the humidity in the fridge will keep them from drying out too much.

i saw a huge box of arbols at aoc this weekend that seemed a lot softer/fresher than the dried ones i have at home. but the aoc ones are were also dried (seemed partially dried). so we're still on the right track with using dried ones but keep em in the fridge for softer chilis.


Quinoa really surprised me with its tastiness - sounds like a delicious (and healthy) dish!


This sounds divine. I'm making it for dinner tonight. However, as I loathe cilantro, I'll replace it with something...basil maybe.


I made this last night for my husband who SWEARS he doesn't like quinoa (in fairness I made something that turned out pretty gross before) but he LOVED it! This is such a good recipe, it's going in the make-again pile!
Oh, and they sell quinoa at Trader Joe's too.


this looks wonderfully refreshing and very summer-y! I love a good quinoa salad and you can't go wrong with shrimp (unless you over cook them, i guess). :-)


I made this for my 4 July party yesterday. It was a hit! Thanks for the great recipe.


Howdy! Realize this recipe was posted a couple of years ago, but it still rocks. My family loved this dish. And quinoa is so healthy. Amazing. FYI, I found a great deal for quinoa (and it's organic) at http://www.nutsonline.com/seedsspices/quinoa.html

And I didn't have to wash it. Not bad for $2.90 a pound!


Sally Joe

Hello, many thanks for the great recipe. Please, let me know what camera do you use to make all of the pics?

Sally Joe


I've been following your blog for quite a while and enjoying your wealth of good recipes. When Foodista announced that they are going to publish the best food blogs in a full color book that will be published by Andrews McMeel Publishing Fall 2010, I naturally thought of you. This recipe would be a good submission! You can enter here: http://www.foodista.com/blogbook/submit


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