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Vaguely Urban

Martha Stewart published a similar mac and cheese recipe a few years ago, and we make it all the time. It's so tasty, and no one would guess it contained pureed squash.

Nothing like guilt-free comfort food!


i like that healthy appetite show. the nutritionist has a good level of moderation and her food is very everyday edible. seriously how can one live on sprouts and whole wheat bread all the time? although when she gets low fat cheese i wince.

this salad looks good. i make my chickpea salad w/tuna, feta, mint & basil.


This looks perfect for summer. Thanks for the recipe.


Holy crap that looks good.


I've have grown to really like Ellie's show too. What a great salad, I love your pictures!


Yum - sounds tasty! BTW, I'm with you on the s'mores, my friend AND Big Sur!

josie smith

Thank you so much for posting your tasty and easy-to-prep recipes :-) -- recent regular reader/fan


Nice name for an indian street food.


If this is Indian street food, I am so moving to India.


I finally made this last night. It took 30 minutes and was FABULOUS.


I saw the same episode of that Ellie Krieger show, and I'm so glad to hear that the recipe lives up to her on-screen description! Like you, I'm a big fan of chickpeas, so this recipe is hopping to the top of my must-try list. Thank you!


I tried this, very tasty it was too..I also make a quicker version using low fat italian dressing with cumin instead of the vinaigrette - cheers

Melody Wey

I'm not sure what took me so long, but I just came across this recipe and its terrific! I love the combination of cumin and orange flavours.

Nice site with lovely, clear pictures.

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