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I have to admit that although I am in the minority, I'm sure, I just can't make myself like caesar salad... Its just that something about the dressing that gets stuck in my throat... Looks fabulous though!

The Muse

Eric -

I used to have the same problem with it, as the anchovies make me want to gag. But then I found out traditional CS dressing is not made with anchovies, and ever since I started making my own dressing without it, I've been much happier.


fabu! another salad to add to my repetoir of 'too hot to cook' summer dinner


This sounds delicious. I have a concern about using raw eggs. The New York Times cookbook (because you can't go wrong with Craig Caliborn) suggests submerging the raw egg in boiling water for 60 seconds before using it in the dressing. The egg doesn't cook but gets hot enough (I guess) to kill any little beasties.

I've made that Caesar many times and it's always delicious.


"The Little Black Dress of Food"--how brilliant. I love your blog, and I look forward to making this dressing this weekend.


I just found this blog and it's convinced me to abandon the South Beach Diet posthaste. Thank you! I can't wait to try some of these recipes.

R. Reilly

Just ran in for a decent Caesar salad dressing recipe - Yes! GIVE ME RAW EGGS AND ANCHOVIES - so haven't had time to peruse the site but....are you raw milk officianados? It's the ONLY way to drink milk. All else is disgusting and adulterated and not good for you. Give me my probiotics and healthy bacteria and enzyme rich milk! Hello from the front lines of raw milk - California! Thanks for the recipe!

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Since I had dressing left over, Mark and I had the salad again last night. I made up another batch of fresh croutons and this time I added some sliced store-bought rotisserie

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