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Wow, now I'm definitely thinking I should invest in a panini grill! Looks lovely!



NO! Don't do it. I didn't use it for this. In fact I haven't used mine for years. I used a cast iron grill pan. If you don't have one, definately go get one. You won't regret it.


First off - brilliant recipe! I'm holding on to this one.

Second - the paninni grill is a must in my kitchen. I was inspired by the sandwiches served at Ino in NYC - all very small, three or four bite delicacies - I use it at least three times a week for sandwiches, grilling, even sliced potatoes - and it's also the best tortilla warmer on the planet.


What a coincidence - another great food blog nosheteria.com made the sandwich you mentioned with the slow cooked broccoli. Both that sandwich and yours look great!


Thanks for stopping me. Cast Iron it is!

Vaguely Urban

I think you'll be proud to know that I'm having a dinner party on Saturday. It kind of mushroomed into 10 people, and we have vegetarians in the bunch, so we're doing a French bistro spin on grilled cheese and tomato soup. I'm so excited!!


I got a panini grill for Christmas and have barely used it, but this recipe is definitely going to change that. Awesome site, Grant! It was great to see you again at Heather's wedding. Hope you caved and bought that copy of Living, Etc.


Who knows if you'll ever see this comment (left ages later), but there are so many ways to use the panini grill in addition to living on 'Ino-style sandwiches. My parents use theirs constantly to make great crostini (faster/better than the oven), grilled chocolate dessert sandwiches, etc. At Christmas I experimented with making nontraditional Frico in it, and it worked perfectly. Inspired by the delicious crispy almost-burnt edges of cheese that had oozed from sandwiches onto the grill, I tossed thin handfuls of cheese (I think I tried fontina and parmesan), closed it, waited a few seconds until I could smell the cheese, then peeled them right out--no sticking, just perfect crispy cheese crackers!

Elaine Van Gunst

Just an absolute fantastic meal. We had this for dinner and it was too divine for words. Please make it exactly as instructed. This is now a classic for us. Thanks.

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