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This looks so fresh and perfect for the season. I've had bad luck with fresh peas in the past but would love to try again. Thanks.


Wonderful looking recipe (As always!) but actually I'm just as equally fascinated by the spices you have lined up behind your ingredients. =) I'm trying to build up my pantry and I love seeing what other people view as "staple" items.


wow i love your site!!! and i love suzanne goin too! i gotta say you are one diligent cook, which all the great recipes, mise en place, and step-by-step photos.


hi grant,

about the farro... i got my first bag at whole foods too, the bob's red mill "spelt berries". when i cooked the farro according to SG's basic recipe it came out chewy and (and kind of hard) too. So I thought I would compensate by cooking longer but then some of the berries popped open.

i think it's supposed to have a good amount of texture to it though so the chewiness is probably something good. i cooked it about 20 minutes longer. also i have an electric oven which is way slower at cooking then the industrial (high btu) burners at the restaurant. i don't think that was too helpful but when i found out more info i'll let you know!


ah yes, you discovered the other universal pea pairing, orecchiette! isn't it cool how the peas snuggle into the pasta?
so awesome!


Great pictures! I'm sure this dish smelled wonderful while cooking!


Tokyogirl - I'm sure you could do this with frozen peas as well as fresh, but do give fresh a try. Just keep tasting them while you blanch them so you don't over and/or undercook them. I actually think mine were a little undercooked

Mimsey-Pantry staples...don't get me started. I have accquired so many dried herbs, spices, vinegars, oils, and various condiments that there is no way I could ever possibly use them all.

Yoony-Yes I was wondering about these "spelt berries." I looked online to find an Italian grocer and there is one on Sepulveda in Culver City that I'm going to have to check out to see if they have real, authentic farro.

Ann-It's like peas and orecchiette are made for each other. It's so cute.

Dianka-Nothing smells better than bacon and onions cooking.


What a great idea to pair orchiette and peas. A drizzle of white truffle oil over your carbonara is also something you might want to try.

Your blog is fantastic!


Hi There,

Just wanted to let you know that I have had this blog post bookmarked on my homepage for over a year.

It just looks so yummy, sometimes when I just need inspiration, I click on the post just to see the picture.

Thanks for the food porn! :-)

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