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Gratnt, its official: I am now completely addicted to your website. These look yummy and I'd to try making this as the dessert for a dinner party in two weeks. But now I'm wondering what to make for the entree. I'm all ears if you have any suggestions for a party of 8 or so.


Oh this looks so delish! Your description is making my mouth water! Love the wine-glass presentation.


I can attest that they were DIVINE. Grant didn't even mention the cocktails he made.


Oh, yes, I wish he'd had a chance to do an entry on the cocktails. But he probably didn't get to take photos as he made the bellinis. Jen has photos of them, though, if you want to put up an "after" photo...


Oh, Grant's pictures turn out much better than mine did. I'm not very good with the food photography.

Mixin' It Up with Grant Rickard!

The Muse

This is a very similar recipe that I pulled out of the Dave Lieberman cookbook, sans the Marsala. And it was perfect, as well. I made 6 servings in little ramekins with plastic covers, brought them to an outdoor concert, and impressed all my friends (always a plus).

I also recommend a little cinnamon & cardamon sprinked on top with the cocoa powder - adds some bite to it, which is extra yummy!


Yes, the cocktails and the desserts combined to be the only thing in the world that could make this group go speechless. I'm drooling a little just at the memory of it all. For the record, my mom had an individual tiramisu cup at an Italian bakery in Boston, and it was nothing compared to yours.


Kathryn-I'm so glad you like the site. So as far as a dinner party goes, I'm not sure I would be much help. I tend to get a little nervous when I cook for anyone other than my boyfriend and myself and so when I do, I think in terms of dishes that are easy for a group or can be repaired somehow if disaster strikes. For example, by braising any meat, you don't have to worry about meat that accidentally winds up too dry. Plus it can be done ahead of time. Always a plus. Grilling a couple steaks is easy and if you cut them into pretty, thin little slices the go pretty far. Does any of that help?

Dianka-Thank you so much.

The Muse-I love the idea of the cardamom! Tiramisus at an outdoor concert sounds like a little bit of heaven. I hope your friends enjoyed it.

Jessica, Heather, Jen & Lauren - Oh you girls. You're making me blush.

Miss Tenacity

I am SO with you on the cupcake/muffin dicotomy. I've had good cupcakes, for sure, but give me a well-spiced and moist bran muffin any day.

Thanks for the tiramisu recipe, I'm using it for a birthday dinner tonight.

Bev Lose

I could not print your Individual Tiramisu. Don't you have a printer format? After printing the ingredients, the method ran over, but didn't print.

Jenny Jayhawk

this recipe was really easy and delicious! however, i had trouble with the whipped cream. it was kinda a milky pool, but i didn't refrigerate it overnight. is there any secret to it?

audrey hornick-becker

when you say marsala, do mean marsala wine? I'm going to try and make this, they look so delicious!


Yes. Marsala wine. Good luck making it! I hope you like it!


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