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I adore Nigella - my wonderful culinary/style role model - such exciting news!

Vaguely Urban

I'm so with you on all of the above, except that I will give Alton's new show a chance. Just because it's Alton.


ooooh, i'm excited to have Tyler Florence back!
he seems so down to earth about food


wow, that is excellent news! I loved your line about the hacky Sandra Lee. Who *is* that woman? Why is she on TV? When will she get laughed off the air for good? Most importantly, when's the big Nigella/Sandra throwdown going to air? I'd get PPV to watch that :)


I've never seen Nigella but so many people seem to be so crazy about her that I'm sort of interested to see what her show is like.

I've sort of given up on the Food Network lately. I like cooking shows and fewer and fewer of their shows are cooking shows at
this point.

Sandra Lee is definitely not my idea of a cooking show. And to think I used to complain about Emeril.


Rorie - I'm very excited that Nigella's coming back, too. She's just so regal.

Vaugly Urban - I've never really watched much of Alton Brown, but from what I've seen it's a little Mr. Wizard for me. Although I do recall watching him talk about the different grades of ice cream and it was really interesing.

ann - I too am glad that Tyler will be coming back. His recipes are really flavorful and reliable.

CM - I guess Food Network feels that they need shows that appeal to all different levels of cooks, but Sandra is just so basic. I remember she actually did a show where her recipe was to make boxed mac and cheese and then add store bought salsa. I mean, COME ON.

Julie - If you go to www.youtube.com and do a search for "Nigella" there should be one clip if you want to check it out. She shows how to make chestnut and lentil soup. If you've never seen her in action, there's something very assured, almost queen-like, about the way she glides through the kitchen. I'm so glad I taped all he shows when they were on the Style network.


yes!! i agree w/ all of your comments too... can't wait for the return of Nigella, and can't stand Sandra Lee...

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