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Wow, that dressing looks divine. I make a similar strawberry dressing and the fruity/tart combination on a salad are perfect. Looks like you had a delicious Easter meal!



oh grant, beautiful!
i'm so happy its salad season again
i made a great salad dressing last night with a dirty little secret, speedie sandwich seasoning
for some reason the combo of the seasoning and dry mustard allowed the dressing to emulsify so well, it almost looked like one of those scary salad bar dressings, but it was 1000 times better!


This salad looks divine. And I may be the only person here to have to ask this question, but what exactly is white balsamic vinegar?

Erica Row

I would love to know what kind of camera you are using to take your food pics - they look great and I'd like to upgrade my camera - feel free to email me, great site!

Thanks, Erica


the roasted beets, walnuts, and goat cheese salad may be a little obvious--but it's still a delicious combination. The new and less obvious salad looks great!


Dianka - Strawberries sound like they would be great as a dressing. I may have to try that.

ann - I too am excited for salad season. Last year as the heat of summer wore on I couldn't wait until the weather cooled so I could start making soups, stews and chilies. Now I'm kind of tired of them. Bring on the greens.

Sisero - White balsamic vinegar is similar to regular balsamic vinegar, but the flavor is less sweet and more mild.

Erica - I use a lowely Kodak Easy Share CX4230. I always make sure to turn the flash off and I often use the macro function.

gretchen - It's true. Beets, walnuts and goat cheese really are a classic combo. Thanks for the affirmation.


Your blackberry vinaigrette is literally making me drool! But can you suggest a replacement for the white balsamic vinegar? Would a regular white wine vinegar work? Brillant blog you have- I love the photos.

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