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This is something I would love to try! Maybe for a Bollywood themed cocktail party, perhaps?


Thought you might smile... I made this today and I put in skewers and a fwe minutes later I notice the stuff I'm cooking on the stove top is spewing not blue flames but orange flames. So I check the broiler and my skeweres caught fire I used metal skewers but they had wooden handles. D'oh!!! Once the fire was out (which luckily didnt reach the chicken by then) the chicken sheesh was PHENOMENAL. Very yummy so I do want to make it again. I was hoping you could provide me two peices of advice:

1. How to broil without the smoke alarm going nuts. I did open windows..

2. What kind of skewer is best.

Thanks!! And keep up the great recipes.


Also would you mind if I used the image of your final product on my blog? I dont mind if you object. Thanks.


Sorry for comment spamming you, but I uploaded your picture, but let me know if you mind and I'll remove it. Thanks.


I don't mind at all if you use the picture. I'm glad you enjoyed the recipe but I feel terrible that your skewers caught fire. At least you put the fire out and got to enjoy the chicken.

As far as your questions go, I know that it is recommended to soak wooden skewers if they are going to be used on the grill, but since I was using the broiler and they weren't going to be that close to the flame I didn't think it necessary. But perhaps it is a good idea. The original recipe didn't even call for the chicken to be skewered but I thought it would make them easier to flip.

As far as the broiler smoking too much, I'm not really sure. When I broiled my chicken it wasn't smokey. What kind of stove do you have - gas or electric? Mine is gas. I wonder if maybe the broiler pan is too close to the heat source, which may account for the fire as well. I don't have much experience with broilers so I hope this is helpful.


Hey Grant,

Good lookin' chicken.. You could also garnish with lemon and sauteed/grilled onions.. the flavors work well together.


Also, my mom and I (and my wife, and my mother-in-law) are big fans of Julie Sahni's books.. everything we've attempted comes out aces.

Classic Indian Cooking
ISBN: 0688037216

Savoring India
ISBN: 0737020504


Hi there, just so you know I made it again and the smoke alarm did not go off, I think it was the fact that I was cooking five different dishes simultaneously that must have done it. This time I added minced onions to the yogurt masala and I really liked that kick. I also sauteed onions as well and added it to the rice and that worked well too.


Dbdtron - I'm going to have to check out Julie Sahni's cookbooks. Thanks for the recommendation.

Aisha - I'm glad you tried the recipe again. The addition of the onion sounds like a good idea. I was thinking of maybe adding minced pepper of some sort, the next time I do it.


I made this, as well as the curried cauliflower, for a friend recovering from surgery (and of course made a double batch so I could have some).

Rave reviews across the board. Thanks so much! Your blog is fantastic! Very helpful and stylish.


Beth - Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the blog and the recipes. Your friend is lucky to have you. What a nice meal to have after eating all that bland hospital food.


What temperature did you use?

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