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Sounds heavenly. Looks unbelievably heavenly. Yum yum.


Hey - just read "about" you. Too funny that you are from the midwest and went to K-State. I'm from Topeka and went to KU. Great site. Will try this recipe soon...love apple crisp.


Delish looking crisp and great looking site! What kind of camera do you take your pics with?


Rorie - Thank you so much. It was rather tasty.

JenPDX - I am indeed from the midwest. It's funny that you are from Topeka. Mom mother lived there for a while in the early 70's and had very fond memories of it. I hope you enjoy the recipe.

AnnieKNodes - I'm glad you like the site. The camera I use is just an inexpensive Kodak Easy Share CX4230. But I always make sure to turn the flash off and for all of the close up shots I use the macro function. Although I'm thinking of getting a new camera. This one reacts a little sluggishly. But I think the pictures are still pretty good.


this sounds lovely, but I'm confused about one thing - are the oats cooked? ("oatmeal" to me implies cooked oats.)


Bee - Sorry about the confusion. No the oats are not cooked. I've changed the ingredients list to make it a little more clear. I hope that helps. Also, I've made this again since I published it, and I added about a half cup of walnuts to the topping mixture. It was very good. Worked well with the apples. I hope you give it a try.

Deidre Johnson

This has to be the best cooking / recipe sight I've seen online so far. I can't wait to try the dishes. I'm tired of "ordinary", and this will re-ignite my passion for creative cooking!


I just made this and it was bomb. I subbed cereal since I didn't have oats on hand... thanks!

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Used half and half instead of whipped cream since our part of the Midwest pours milk or cream on the crisp. Kept the rest of the cream recipe the same. Amazing according to the dinner guests!!!


We didn't have any Irish whisky. So I had to improvise: I made the cream with vanilla paste, and I cooked the apples down in bourbon. Very tasty!

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