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the truffles looked great
and sound delicious......
I also liked the New Years
Eve rice/grapeleaf recipe,
but you know me - it can't
have too many ingreds.

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hello,everybody,what is your hobby in your spare time? I am fond of listening to music,different styles,it's really a kind of enjoying for me.


Life and career 2002 Ozawa made her AV debut in April 2002 with Try Heart s Sexia label in the video My Birthday She was noted in this premiere release for her beautiful D cup breasts and sexy face She was called one of the most beautiful of 2002 in her second video Love Story released the following month She played the role of a high school girl suffering from amnesia who is raped in this Sexia Try Heart production She entered the cosplay genre in Cosplasshion June 2002 In this video she is worked on with a vibrator while in the costume of a nurse gangbanged while in cat girl costume and engages in sex with her customers while dressed as a waitress In Sexy Teacher s Secret Spot July 2002 Ozawa plays the role of a sex education teacher with a secret Her fifth video I Wanna Suck August 2002 allowed Ozawa to display her famous fellatio ability She demonstrates her technique on five actors and the video includes some cosplay and a rape scene The DVD released the same month included extra footage of Ozawa s first ejaculation Obscene Climax September 2002 had Ozawa with ten male AV actors and forced to follow the director s every order Sexia Milk from the same month had Ozawa teamed with a variety of AV actresses including Minori Aoi in a school uniform and gym shorts themed video Ozawa s seventh video I Wanna See You October 2002 was filmed entirely from the viewers perspective to give Ozawa s fans a chance to feel a closeness to her Call Girl Ozawa s eighth release had the actress in the role of a call girl engaging in baby talk and some aggressive sexual play In Karami her ninth video and her last for Sexia Ozawa takes a trip with her filming crew engages them in conversation and talk and tries a lesbian scene Her association with Sexia was concluded with year end collections SEXIA Collection 2002 and ALL That s SEXIA both of which paired her with fellow Sexia actress Asuka Sakamaki For her first year in the industry Ozawa was awarded the 2002 X City Grand Prix Best New Actress Award which was given by AV fan vote 2003 At the beginning of 2003 Ozawa ceased making videos exclusively with Sexia and began working for various companies At the Max A studio she performed on their Samansa label Sexy Teacher Hunt January 2003 her first release for Samansa had Ozawa playing the role of a teacher who is raped by her students who torture her and force her to perform fellatio on them In February 2003 Ozawa released her own entry in Alice Japan s popular Sexy Butt series This video featured Ozawa in school girl race model and kimono dress In March 2003 Ozawa formed the P I N Perfect Idol s Numbers band with five other AV idols Sayori Kamiya Cocolo Hitomi Hayasaka Rei Itoh and Natsuki The group released an album and a video in March 2003 The same month Ozawa starred in her entry in Max A s bondage and S M themed The Confined Bodydoll In Alice Japan s incest genre video Sexy Nurse Fucks Her Brother in Law April 2003 Ozawa played the title role a sexually frustrated wife and nurse Fuck Naho Ozawa June 2003 had the actress playing three different types of prostitutes A call girl a high school girl and an S M dominatrix In One Style also released in June 2003 Ozawa hitchikes in Hawaii She played the role of a woman out for vengeance in Sexy Jaguar August 2003 In this Try Heart release Ozawa wears sexually attractive costumes to attract men who wronged her Max A s Witch Hunt video series was initiated by Ami Ayukawa in August 2001 In September 2003 Ozawa starred in the third entry in this series The concept behind the series is to determine whether the model is a witch or not by submitting her to various forms of sexual torment and humiliation A year later in September 2004 Sora Aoi would follow Ozawa in the fourth entry of this series It was claimed that Only charismatic actresses can star in this series In Max A s My Girl November 2003 Ozawa takes her video crew to a hot springs resort where all engage in sex Ozawa s last release of 2003 The Tale of Miss R Part 2 had her playing the part of a woman who is subservient to all men 2004 Ozawa s popularity was still high into the third year of her career due to the uninhibited nature of her sex scenes January 2004 found Ozawa back at Max A for the video Samantha Naho Ozawa vol 3 House of Witch In Natural Born released the same month Ozawa talked about her career and personal life in the preliminary interview The sex scenes in this video featured hand held camera techniques Naho Channel February 2004 takes the idea of Ozawa appearing on every program on a TV channel s schedule to create some unusual sexual situations Ozawa uses oil and a vibrator during a cooking show wears no panties while reporting the weather and engages in explicit sex during a daytime drama In March 2004 Ozawa starred in an installment of the Alice Japan series Reverse Soap Heaven which took the Best Video Title award at the 2004 X City Grand Prix Awards In Mirage April 2004 Ozawa and a male actor have sex in a bed surrounded by mirrors The actress is shown watching herself receive bukkake and seeing her own sexual organs become aroused in the mirrors Oral Infection May 2004 allowed Ozawa to put her fellatio and other oral skills at the center of attention Persona is another oral themed video In this drama Ozawa plays a woman who is constantly finding herself engaged in oral sex without remembering the events leading up to these encounters She goes to an old factory to find the truth behind these events In another video with a mystery theme Ugly Dream The Fate of a Young Wife July 2004 Ozawa plays the role of a newlywed woman who constantly dreams of being raped In Shooting August 2004 Ozawa exposes herself in a public park sexually attacks an AV actor and then is assaulted by a middle aged man with a vibrator In 2004 Ozawa formed a group called L Girls with five other AV idols and released a DVD photo collection About the time of the release of The Lewd Legs September 2004 Ozawa s singing career was gaining popularity In this video Ozawa plays a doll and a lesbian queen Naho s Horny Private Life purports to show a typical day in the actress s life with her boyfriend The two take a bath together and engage in oral sex They next go shopping for a vibrator which Ozawa uses on herself after their date is over In New High School Teacher s Training Memory of a Summer November 2004 Ozawa plays a young woman who visits an old teacher she had a crush on as a girl Stylish Sex December 2004 has Ozawa in a school uniform and glasses and she engages in a more aggressive sexual style than usual The video concludes with her masturbating in front of ten men who then reciprocate the act In November 2004 Ozawa released a musical DVD and CD through the Sexual Kiss company entitled Little Lover Ozawa also hosted Night TV an adult cable show featuring interviews with fellow AV idols 2005 Max A chose to start 2005 out with a new series and picked Naho Ozawa to star in the first video in that series Entitled Welcome to Max Airline the January release had Ozawa playing the role of a stewardess offering sex to her passengers during flight Ozawa starred in The Naked MAPPA a non pornographic nude modeling image video the same month In February 2005 Ozawa starred in the second entry in Max A s Night series In this video Ozawa engages in sex on two different nights for two different reasons The first night she is so lonely and in need of companionship she pays for sex On the second night she engages in sex out of physical pleasure on a balcony My History April 2005 was Ozawa s last release for the Max A label An autobiographical drama the video marked the end of her two year and four month association with the label After her final Max A video Ozawa began appearing in a number of productions with Real Works and as one of the Million Girls for the KMP Million label 2006 and retirement Ozawa continued making videos with KMP until April 2006 when she released her retirement video Naho Ozawa Retirement Going Back Home with famed porn actor Taka Kato However six months later she returned to the adult video industry with Naho Ozawa Encore released by Maxing in October 2006 A month later Maxing issued Naho Ozawa s Initial Experience performed with two black actors which was her first interracial video In April 2007 she began a final countdown to retirement with Naho Ozawa Emergency Nakadashi a creampie video and she released her retirement video with Maxing in May 2007 Nao Ozawa The Final which included her first anal sex scenes Selected filmography 2002 Video title Company Director Release date My Birthday Try Heart Sexia SEA 265 Toyozo Yuya Natsuiro April 24 2002 Love Story Try Heart Sexia SEA 268 Yuya Natsuiro May 25 2002 Naho Ozawa in Cosplasshion osplasshion Try Heart Sexia SEA 273 Yuya Natsuiro June 21 2002 Sexy Teacher s Secret Spot Try Heart Sexia SEA 277 Raijin July 24 2002 I Wanna Suck Try Heart Sexia SEA 281 VHS SXD 043 DVD Raijin VHS August 25 2002 DVD August 30 2002 All The Way Compilation DVD containing her first 3 videos Raising Company OSD 082 September 20 2002 Obscene Climax Try Heart Sexia SEA 285 Raijin September 20 2002 SEXIA MILK Compilation with 14 other actresses Try Heart Sexia SEA 284 VHS SXD 044 DVD Hassy VHS September 20 2002 DVD September 27 2002 I Wanna See You Try Heart Sexia SEA 289 VHS SXD 046 DVD Nankinjo October 24 2002 Call Girl Naho Ozawa Try Heart Sexia SEA 293 Shinji Ebisu November 18 2002 SEXIA Collection 2002 2002 Compilation with 9 other actresses Try Heart Sexia SEA 296 Koan Brothers December 20 2002 Karami Naho Ozawa Try Heart Sexia SEA 298 VHS SXD 056 DVD Toyozo VHS December 20 2002 DVD January 31 2003 ALL That s SEXIA Compilation DVD with 9 other actresses Try Heart Sexia SXD 052 December 22 2002 2003 Video title Company Director Release date Naho Ozawa in Sexy Teacher Hunt in MAX A Samansa XS 2281 VHS XV 124 DVD Kyosuke Murayama VHS January 21 2003 DVD June 20 2003 Sexy Butt Mejiri Alice Japan KA 2110 VHS DV 222 DVD Kyosuke Murayama February 28 2003 With 6 other actresses Includes singing clips VEGA FACTORY NRO 001 March 25 2003 The Confined Bodydoll MAX A Samansa XS 2287 Yoshiho Fukuoka March 28 2003 Sexy Nurse Fucks Her Brother in law Alice Japan Babylon KR 9182 VHS DV 237 DVD Kyosuke Murayama April 25 2003 Erotic Mouth Naho Ozawa MAX A Samansa XS 2291 Hirotaka Tashiro May 30 2003 RED ZONE Naho Ozawa RED ZONE Try Heart SXD 063 May 30 2003 Fuck Naho Ozawa at Brothel Alice Japan Babylon KR 9184 VHS DV 250 DVD Kyosuke Murayama June 20 2003 ONE STYLE Naho Ozawa ONE STYLE BLACKJACK LLL 005 amp LLS 005 June 27 2003 Sin and Punishment VIP VIP 186 Michiage Minimigumo Michiba Nagumo July 23 2003 Naho Ozawa in Inhumanity VIP VIPD 189 August 15 2003 Samantha Naho Ozawa vol 2 VOL 2 Compilation DVD containing two earlier videos MAX A XV 133 August 22 2003 Sexy Jaguar Lewd Female Panther Try Heart Sexia SEA 326 Eitaro Onuma August 22 2003 Witch Hunt 3 III MAX A Samansa XS 2304 Hirofumi Isobe September 30 2003 Welcome To Max Cafe Max Cafe MAX A Samansa XS 2309 VHS 60 min XV 161 DVD 120 min Hirofumi Isobe VHS October 31 2003 DVD February 21 2004 M V P Vol 5 Compilation with other actresses VIP VIP 208 Chian Kurisu November 14 2003 Sexy Butt CLIMAX 2003 VOL 2 CLIMAX 2003 VOL 2 Compilation with other actresses from Sexy Butt series Alice Japan KA 2145 VHS DV 295 DVD Usagi Kanda November 21 2003 My Girl my girl MAX A Samansa XS 2312 Hitoshi Osamaru November 28 2003 That s Sexia 2003 Best Compilation DVD with several other actresses Try Heart SXD 078 December 12 2003 The Tale of Miss R Part 2 R MAX A Samansa XS 2317 Maruni Nou December 26 2003 2004 Video title Company Director Release date Samantha Naho Ozawa vol 3 Vol 3 MAX A XV 156 January 23 2004 Natural Born MAX A Samansa XS 2321 Hirofumi Isobe January 30 2004 Naho Channel MAX A Samansa XS 2325 Hirofumi Isobe February 27 2004 Naho Ozawa Reverse Soap Heaven Alice Japan Babylon KR 9202 VHS DV 338 DVD Shigeo Katsuyama March 19 2004 Blue File Naho Ozawa Compilation DVD containing My Girl The Tale of Miss R Part 2 and Natural Born MAX A XV 171 April 23 2004 Mirage Naho Ozawa MAX A Samansa XS 2333 Jin Nomaru April 30 2004 Sexy Teacher s Secret Spot BEST SELECTION Vol 1 Vol 1 Compilation with 3 other actresses from Sexy Teacher s Secret Spot series Try Heart Sexia SEA 372 May 21 2004 Forced Fuck FUCK Compilation with several other actresses Try Heart Sexia SEA 374 VHS 90 min SXD 095 DVD 120 min Daihonzan Arakawa VHS May 28 2004 DVD June 4 2004 Oral Infection Naho Ozawa MAX A Samansa XS 2337 Kyosuke Murayama May 28 2004 Persona Naho Ozawa MAX A Samansa XS 2343 Hirofumi Isobe June 29 2004 Sexy Teacher s Secret Spot BEST SELECTION Compilation DVD with 7 other actresses from Sexy Teacher s Secret Spot series Try Heart SXD 100 July 9 2004 MORE MAX VI Compilation with 9 other actresses MAX A XS 2345 Toshio July 23 2004 Ugly Dream Naho Ozawa Try Heart Sexia SEA 386 VHS SXD James Franco stars as Aron Ralston in Danny Boyle's '127 Hours' - a visceral, thrilling real life story that's set for release in the UK January 5th. Annadurai, used to write film scripts prior to his entry into politics. A very humorous slapstick in its infancy though already a little above the average to refine its scenarios, plans, his films in general.
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делал заказ в catchop.ru, сначало были проблемы у курьера, потом ещё что то.....в общем потом всё объяснили популярно, заказ отправили через 4 дня, уже получил, ну и конечно же компенсировали нервы и ожидание, так всё гуд, возьму ещё. все предыдущие сообщения удаляю, так как зря панику поднял.

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