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I have the taste of a spectacular shepherd's pie in my head and I can't get it out. The problem is, I cannot for the life of me reproduce it. It was in an Irish pub in Cuzco, Peru (of all places!). There was a large amount of ground meat (most likely lamb but I'm not sure) and it had bits of carrot mixed in with it. The meat had a fantastic creamy buttery gravy-like sauce that I'm sure contained some sort of ale and for sure rosemary. Not the usual worchestershire/tomato based sauce. The thing is, the meat part was firm, like it had been cut from a pan, yet was moist and rich. I have tried for hours to find some sort of replica recipe online, and was wondering if you had come across something like this?

Anne Dean

I'd just like to ask where you found the cutting board displayed in some of your photos. I like the fact that it's raised off the counter (prevents rocking) and appears to have a drawer to scrape things into, or to catch drippings. Thanks.

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