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OK, it's a little embarrassingly stalkerish how i found this site, but i have to tell you...i love it. Made this salmon dish last night and it was perfect. looking forward to trying more things from this site.


Wow. Thank you so much. I'm glad you made it and that you liked it. It's sort of fun to make, isn't it? I just love how you pour the water in, bake and everything comes out perfect. Definately keep posting and letting me know your thoughts on various recipes.


I made this last night, and it as great. Thanks so much for the recipe; I love this blog!


Loved the meal! Tried it last night, and it was delicious. One comment, I prepared the couscous with chicken broth instead of water. It gave the meal a bit more weight, spices and salt!


This was a very easy to prepare and went over quite well. I added a bit of brine from the capers to the water for just a little more salt. Thanks for the recipe.


Made this for dinner tonight, and the boyfriend and I loved it! This may just be my new favorite way to make salmon. Great blog, by the way. :)


This is fantastic! I also made this dish using chicken broth to add a bit more weight, and I also used mixed raisins too add some additional color to the dish.

Alongside it I served a spinach salad topped with roasted butternut squash, red onions, pistachios, fresh figs, goat cheese, and a balsamic vinaigrette. The flavors played wonderfully together and everyone LOVED it!

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