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The Boss

Grant, this sounds fantastic--just wanted to share a simlar recipe I made for Xmas special dinner for Jen:

Pork chops stuffed with sauteed bread chunks, roquefort and sage. I threw in some prosciutto per suggestion (this was an Epicurious recipe). Wow. Jen said this was the best meal I'd ever made.

As with the chicken, you start the stuffed chops on a high-heat skillet, then finish in the oven, though I decided to do a braise on the stove instead which worked well. The braise was chicken stock, wine, and apples--the apples were fantastic, thought I think next time I might puree them to make a sort of "applesauce" to ladle on the chops.

BTW, did you know that you can keep cut apples (Granny Smiths also, for this recipe) from browning by drizzling them with lemon juice? I did this to better manage my prep time, and it worked great. I didn't use all the apple and when I came back from vacay 10 days later, the leftovers in the fridge were STILL not brown--and were crisp and edible, though slightly lemony.

I also made butternut squash stuffed with wild rice and hazelnuts, but that's another story.

bad credit

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