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I have the cook book this is from and I've made this a couple of times - it's divine... something about making it all from scratch, it's very satisfying.

Alex Garner

Try this hint.

Make a bit more rub, and mix a few table spoons of olive oil into half the spice rub and rub that all over the meat and marinate it for a few hours.

When you pre-fry the meat, the rub will make a great crust on each piece.

Also, try making the sauce in a pressure cooker. It takes a lot less time and the flavours are quite amazing. You can even add the pre-fried meat to the pressure cooker as well. The meat dissolves in your mouth.


Thanks alot for this recipe i have been looking for this for a while now as i lost the book this was from. I must say i have cooked alot of currys in my life lol and this bye is the cream of the crop so any one thinking of making this GO FOR IT .


Have you seen his lamb curry song on YouTube?

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what a great curry.. a supreme recipe.

Peter Krikels

wow! nice!!!


Me and my partner have been cooking curries for years and this recipe is the one that stands out from the rest, Jamie your the man!!!


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