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If I could make sweet love to a dip, this would be the dip I would make sweet love to.


I've actually now had dreams about this dip and the Kettle Chips. Granted Jessica was eating it in the dream and not making love it, but that dream may yet happen. And then we couldn't be friends anymore, because that is disturbing. In any event, I woul dreally like some right now.


I made this dip for a get-together I had this weekend, and it was a HUGE hit. Thanks so much for the recipe!


Ina's recipe doesn't mention the balsemic vinegar and the digon mustard, and while i haven't tried her recipe, i made yours and it was FANTASTIC! The only difference i experienced was that i didn't have to wait so long for hte onions to carmelize, maybe it was because my 2 onions were a little smaller? but in any case. Thank you for the recipe!!


i serve those same chips with this dip!


I would challenge anyone to come up with a better onion dip! Took this to a euchre tournament and everyone who tasted asked for the recipe.


I have made this dip about 4 times and every SINGLE time it is the biggest hit. People LOVE it. It is sooooo yummy. Oh jeez, now I want some now....


I found the oil/butter amounts to be too much. I doubled the recipe with 3 huge walla wallas, but didn‘t double the oil, just the butter. I had to drain the oil liquid after an hour of caramelization - it was extremely “soupy“. I didn’t put in the acid because I thought it would fight with the sweetness of the onions. Maybe I should check out Ina’s recipe.

Pasadena Rose

I lightened up this recipe, and it still was a big hit. I eliminated the oil and butter, and browned the onions in vegetable broth. I substituted plain non-fat Greek yogurt for the mayonnaise, and used non-fat cream cheese and reduced fat sour cream. Because the non-fat cream cheese does not blend as easily as the full-fat variety, I used an electric mixer and kept it on for a few minutes until the mixture was smooth.


I just made this, and I felt it needed a little balance, so I added half a lemon's juice and a couple shots of Tabasco. Now it's perfect!


I agree with the oil/ butter amounts to be too much..aside from that, this dip is heaven! I use it with hamburgers instead of mayo on the bun..or try it with steak-umms, pepperjack cheese and this dip slathered on the roll.. I am drooling just thinking of it.


Has anyone ever frozen this - does it come out ok?

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