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What a perfect summer meal! I adore the steak/avocado combo. Will definitely be trying this. :)


That steak looks good and sounds really tasty!


That looks f'ing amazing.


Wow, I've never seen fresh peppers used as part of a marinade. That's a great idea.

Awesome looking steak too.


That is an excellent looking churrasco.

I'm like your Annie in that I get the ingredients together but I don't always follow the recipe and end up missing some things. So, the simpler the recipe, the better!


I don't quite get the reason for reserving the jalapeño seeds? You don't mention what to do with them...


hi grant, your skirt steak looks perfectly cooked! i'm thinkin about grillin some flank steak today. hopefully it will be as pink as yours. :D


Steak = perfect!

A skirt steak, I find really needs that marinade time. I cut it short once; never again!

Nicely done dish.



Your picture of spoon + jalapeño reminded me of a favorite kitchen trick. Grapefruit spoons are great for the task of removing seeds and membranes from peppers, especially smaller ones. I like to use serranos in place of jalapeños because they have a "greener" taste and are easier on the stomach (although hotter!), so the grapefruit spoon is handy. That steak looks LOVELY.

Karen C

Your kitchen it looking beautiful. Why do you want to paint the cabinets? The wood is so lovely, and from what I can tell, you have a Craftsman sort of style.
Have you considered a stain to preserve the beauty of the wood?

working well

Blackberry thyme margaritas?? Where is the recipe for that?!

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I like to be trying different food every day, coo in this case, the truth is that I like the beef and pork, and this recipe looks great


When I came across this recipe I knew I would love it! The jalapenos added a really nice level of spice to the meal. Steak Recipes like this can also be made more nutritious by using grass fed beef. I actually work with La Cense Beef which sells 100 percent grass fed beef and it is lower in fat and calories than grain fed beef.

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Looks great. Wish you had a printable version of this recipe.

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