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I love that cheesecloth trick.

Jennifer Hess

These sound fantastic, and that cheesecloth trick is totally inspired.


Great tip with the cheese cloth, but I don't think I could wait a whole day to eat the braised short ribs!


sort of off topic but my parents - who make the best chicken soup ever - always use flanken in the broth. I always thought it was a yiddish word and I literally learned it was english LAST YEAR. anyway - the secret to great chicken soup - it's beef.


looks absolutely yummy..


I like this recipe better than the epicurious one -- http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/240108

Patricia Scarpin

My husband went crazy when I received the magazine (it arrives here in Brazil a little late, but it's fine). He was drooling over the cover! :)
You made it perfectly - if he sees this, he's going to drool again!


wow, looks totally delicious


So I made this recipe this weekend, we had it for dinner with friends last night. Huge hit. Instead of polenta, I served it alongside a classic gratin dauphinois. I have plenty of leftovers too...maybe enough for a nice meat sauce...

lauren miller

fantastic! i have never commented on a recipe online before, but this was so incredible - it was my first time making short ribs, so the pictures were incredibly helpful and directions easy to follow - a long process but so worth it, made this for 6 for new years eve dinner to rave reviews - paired with a spicy molten chocolate cake with ginger ice cream now on epicurious, a delightfully decadent meal


Tamara and Jennifer Hess - Right? The cheese cloth trick is so effective.

Chuck - It was pretty difficult to wait to eat the ribs, but sort of worth it.

Marissa - Now I remember us having the flanken conversation! How funny. Next time I make chicken stock I'm gonna throw a short rib in there.

Riya - Thanks!

Alex - Good to know. Next time I may give it a try.

Patricia - Definately make these rib for your husband. He'll love them.

Kitty - I'm glad you liked it. Those potatoes you did instead of the polenta sound amazing. Where is that recipe from?

Lauren - I'm so glad you made the ribs and that the pictures were such a help. Happy New Year. The rest of your menu sounds great! I love chocolate and ginger together.


Love your web site! I made it Sunday, and enjoyed it Monday night. Absolutely delicious recipe from Bon Appetite. Your photo's were great and the cheesecloth trick most helpful.


I don't know how you could possibly wait an entire evening before demolishing those ribs.

::drools everywhere::

Thanks for the tips!


any concerns about using a crock pot to do the braising?


I noticed you have our olive oil on the counter in your photos...would love to send you another bottle to play with. My mom sent me this when a friend saw the Pasolivo! Please email me your info so I can get it to you! Thanks : )


Hi! this recipe looks great- and even better is how you present it on your website- Just a simple question:

If everything but the polenta is prepared a day ahead, how long and at what temp do you reheat the ribs?


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