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In my defense, my spinach dip is retro and awesome, even if soup mix is involved.


It's true. The spinach dip WAS quite tastey. But the lemon wafers were superb.


The whole evening was fabulous, and I can't wait for another picnic/Bowl evening! I've been dreaming about this sandwich since that night.


I have to admit that I've never (knowingly) tried fava beans. What do they taste like? I think I've always imagined them like lima beans, which just bring up bad memories of grade school cafeterias. Bleck.

(P.S. Found you by way of Apartment Therapy--nice blog!)

Erin G.

Sigh. Sounds perfect. Good meal, good pics, good company, good show!

New Jan Brady

I am so making that sandwich. Thank you! As always, you dazzle me, Grant.


Emma C - Thanks, although to answer your question, I'm afraid that favas are pretty similar to lima beans. However, I used to be a very picky eater and I noticed as I got older that most of my issues with foods, I didn't like, with only a few exceptions, had to do with texture rather than the actual taste. I would recommend giving lima beans another chance. There is a recipe on here for lima bean puree as well as an appetizer of fava bean puree. Both are so delicious and might be a way to learn to appreciate the flavor of the favas and limas, without having to deal with the beans themselves, which often bring to mind depressing grammar school lunches. Limas and favas really are worth learning to like. Now if only I could just learn to like slices of raw tomatoes. That's my next hurdle.

Erin - Thank you so much. The show really was surprisingly enjoyable.

New Jan Brady - I hope you like the sandwich as much as we all did. You are so kind.

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