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Yum! Your blog is quite a treat, what with the mouthwatering pictures, practical tips and multiculti recipes. Your prep work is admirable. Stupid question: How did you season your cast iron grill pan? I have one but I never figured out how to season it properly. I think the grill's ridges throw me off. Thank you!


damn that soft taco looks good!

on the same note as the previous question, have you ever used lye to clean/strip your cast iron pan? i've tried to season but failed and i'm trying to start over.


I don't ever really season my pan. When I first got it I coated it with vegetable shortening and heated it in the oven, but even since then I just use it and then use a scrubber sponge and no soap under hot water to clean it. The ridges kind of make it a pain in the ass to clean, but that's pretty much all I do. I've noticed that things are starting to stick occasionally, so I guess I need to reseason it.


You make cooking seem like the best thing in the world to invest time in - I love your blog so much!


Oh wow - what a gorgeous brisket! With fall well on its way, the idea of this kind of long-roasted meat is just dreamy. Thank you for posting the recipe, Grant!


Stonewall Kitchens makes a delicious "Maple Chipotle Grille Sauce" but at $7.00 a bottle, I knew I could do better on my own, both in terms of cost and quality (plus, I hate when anyone adds an unnecessary "e" to the end of words for effect). Thus, a web search last year of MAPLE and CHIPOTLE led me to this wonderful blog. I have since made this recipe many times - modified by the cut of meat (I prefer a more fat-laiden roast) and the manner of cooking (slow-cooker, as I am a full-time working mom), cooked right in the sauce. The results are terrific and the sweet potato salsa is a great compliment. I have enjoyed playing with other recipes on this site as well! well done, well fed

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