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That's a gorgeous cutting board you've got there. Can I ask where you found it? This looks delicious by the way. Swiss chard's possibly my favorite vegetable so I think you really can't go wrong with it.


Sure. I bought it at a store here in LA called Anthropologie, but the cutting board is actually part of Nigella Lawson's kitchen line, which is available in a lot of other stores and on line. The thing I like about it is it had little rubber feet so it doesn't move around. The side have little hollowed out sections so the board can be placed over the edge of a pot to easier push vegetables in. And I don't know if you can really see it, but on the front there is a shallow little metal drawer in which I keep a few hand written recipes and cetain techniques and methods that I can never seem to remember. Nigella also has a smaller size that is really cute.




There's to be a neighbourhood mid-winter soup fest so I was looking for something new.
This sounds delicious so will try it for this year's event.


I have been meaning to make this soup for ages and finally did so today. I've been nursing a cold and it hit the spot, nice and warm and brothy but substantial, far more so than most soups. Fantastic.

Karen C

Do you have a print feature? Otherwise how does one print out recipe?


I agree with you about the step to add the cut-up chard just before heating the next day [why the extra work of pre-boiling?]. Barely-cooked vegies like non-woody green are healthier and hopefully still have more enzymes than the totally cooked greens.


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